Thursday, April 27, 2006

His Name is What???

My 16 year old daughter asked me what kind of a name is Engelbert Humperdinck? Ahhh??? ~stumped~

Christine and I went to watch Humperdinck's concert. She was probably the youngest person in the audience.

I know most of his hit songs because this was the kind of music my parents listened to when my age was in the single digits.

Most of the people in the audience had white or gray hair. My daughter commented they're probably octogenarians.

Tickets were expensive at $85.00 each but most of the oldies liked him and laughed at his jokes so the mucho bucko fee was probably worth it for them. We found it tedious.

Performance Rating? 2 out of 5 stars. I wouldn't watch it again even if it was for free. Once is enough.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In A Hot Spot

He saw a picture of Christine kissing a guy. To him, even though she'll be 17 in a month, she will still be his baby. It broke his heart. He woke me up and asked me if I was aware that his baby has a picture of her kissing a guy.

"Yes, that's why you saw it because she never meant to hide it. It doesn't mean anything to her, nothing passionate about the kiss." I said yawning.

"I'm very bothered about that." He said sternly.

I sighed and replied, "I'm sure it meant nothing."

He shook his head and I saw the disappointment in his face. He left the picture on top of the kitchen table.

She has a lot of explaining to do when he comes back tonight.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

How Many Fanatical Idiots Are Out There????

There are just too many idiots posing as know it all fools in the name of God and religion.

This is an interview of Shirley Phelps Roper, whose father, Fred Phelps, is the main idiot of his clan who organizes protests at funerals of soldiers. This ungrateful and lost soul has no appreciation whatsoever for the brave men and women in the military fighting for our country.

Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas and his congregation are bigots and proud of it. Their Web site is proof enough that these people are FUBB.

A couple of choice quotes from the release:

"Thank God for Killing Marines."
"We wish it was 10,000 rather than 10 killed."
"They turned America over to fags; They’re coming home in body bags."

Their religious slogan?

"God hates fags!" "God hates America!"

Haiiiii.......If there is a hell then surely they would be welcomed there!

How sad that people use religion to promote hate, bigotry, animosity. How heartbreaking that we, as a race, are beginning to self destruct. ~sob~

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Barry, Barry, Night!

Today we went to Barry Manilow's "Music and Magic" concert at the Hilton. My husband is not a fan of Barry and finds his voice weak. I am an easy to please person so I found it pleasant (for lack of a better term).

His finale, "Copacabana," made people stand up, sing-along and dance. Hubby was probably the only one who stayed glued on his seat and appeared bored to death.

What a Kill joy!!! ARRGGHH!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

GOoD Grief

Wanted: Actor to star in a broadway musical based on the film below

Requirement: Must be Atheist

click here if you don't see it

Warning: Not suitable for Christians (including all branches, spinoffs, whatnots) or viewers without a sense of humor. I Rating Only (as in Immature)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feeling Old...

Growing old is frightening.

I've always thought that people grow old gracefully. I guess I'm the exemption to the rule.

Every year since I turned 40 and right around my birthday, the inevitable happened.

...heartburn became constant, pepto bismol became a regular companion... turned blurred, reading glasses needed...
...persistent gray hairs kept popping out, frequent hair coloring a necessary consequence...
...metabolism got slower, exercise is a constant struggle
...battling the buldge, meant non-stop dieting...
...eye bags showing, under eye makeup a must...
...knees sometimes buckle, extra vitamin regimen added ...

I just had a birthday. True enough, something gave....

This morning I was getting milk out of the ref. As I lifted it, I felt a searing pain in the back of my hand. The weight of the milk carton was more than I could handle, it almost fell I had to catch it with my other hand.

This's my hand grip...

I am only in my mid 40's but I fear the thought of growing old.

When you're young you always thought you're invincible. Boy...was I wrong. Dead wrong!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Dog Ate It!

I've lost the Easter bunny even before my youngest daughter was born. But I played along with the celebrations until she turned 12.

I remember how we used to paint eggs with pastel shades and loud colors. Sometimes we add glitter and other art form to make it stand out even more.

Ahh..egg hunting...

Doting grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles put different color papers which corresponds to a $ amount inside cheap plastic eggs bought at Wallmart and hide them in the park or someone's backyard - depending on where we celebrated Easter that year. (I've always protested about the plastic eggs, but was always out-voted). My daughters still tease me to this day on how I get more excited and usually yell at the top of my lungs for them to find "the yellow colored" eggs because that meant $20.00.

I must have been high on jelly beans!

Over the years, the Easter bunny must have grown old to become Roger Rabbit.

My'll probably go back to form if grand kids come along just for the heck of it. I hope they don't confuse that bunnies don't lay eggs? Hmm...

In the meantime, have your Happy Easter if you're a Christian - modern or fundamentalist, a Catholic or a branch or diversity (thereof) - conscious, unconscious, or just stringing along.

My Easter bunny? Canis meus id comedit!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Crazy Weather

It's a crazy weather we're having.

2 days ago the weather was perfect - 70 degrees F.

Yesterday, the wind blew hard and cold. It was about 60 degrees F but with the wind chill factor it went down to about 55. The wind can blow really hard here in the desert.

Today it was warm, prob'ly 78 degrees. I got excited! I went to the backyard to make sure the pool is clean so that anytime it got warmer or hotter I could just jump in and make a big splash....

This was what greeted me instead...leaves, pine cones, seeds and needles on the surface while dirt and fine grain settled beneath. The darn wind must have blown everything in the darn pool.

Friday, April 14, 2006


My big baby, Jan, is in Salt Lake for her FA training. She said Mormon Country is beautiful.

...Depresses her, though, because she's alone where she can't share the majestic alpine mountains or the rugged redrock canyons with her husband.

I told her to just enjoy the moment and the beauty of nature. Sometimes, being alone and communing with nature refreshes your views in life.

I wonder how far she is from Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa-Verde, Great Basin? I have a gazzilion photos of these on my laptop. Places I would love to go but can't make time........yet!

She'll probably come back with cowboy boots, a hat and spurs. Change her religion, perhaps?

All in all the rockies will do her some good!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stretch Hummers

I went to the Strip to relax and to clear my mind.

...i saw Hummers left and right....

I really had no idea so many stretch Hummers even existed.

NO WONDER we had to go to war in Iraq.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Holy Week??? Holy Molly!!!

Today, somebody from the Philippines text(ed) me. It goes..."Jesus Christ gave his life for us, in this lenten season let us reflect on what our life is all about. Happy Holy Week"


People are so used to saying happy, merry, joyful...whatever... that they just say or write things without having a clue on what it is they are celebrating or in this case, supposedly reflecting/mourning. Next happy is easter - whatever! I bet my a$$ that half of the Christian world do not even why the bunny (with the colored egg) is the symbol for easter. ~pity~

If Jesus died for all our sins, then, we should all go to heaven. No exemptions!
What kind of God would sacrifice his son and let him die for us, his mere creatures, if he could just just zap his wand and say, "all ye people of the world, remove thy reasoning from thy mind and cast thine intelligence away never to return." Then we can all have one god, under one religion, one line of thinking, one code of morality to live by.

The problem with Fairy tale is people believe in it even with all its incredulity and stupidity.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Religion, Anyone?

So which religion is right for you?

Take the quiz.

Based on my score, I am Agnostic! Hmmm...I still couldn't shake off my strict Catholic upbringing. The padres and the madres brainwashed and f#@%ed me up big time! tsk...tsk...~ugh~

Am probably doomed to have Catholic hangups and religious meanderings.

I'd rather be a Pantheist.

Monday, April 03, 2006

We're Not Lost!

We were looking for a house today. It was not on mapquest yet because it was in a new development here in LV. We went around in circles for an hour so I asked my hubby if we could stop at a gas station to ask for directions. And as usual, he said, "We're not lost!" We just couldn't find it."


What is it with men and asking for directions? The men of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. Even in biblical times, they wouldn't ask for directions. Blimey!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Procrastination is Costly!

I have a strange gift of converting even the simplest task into a chaotic spiderweb which results in apprehension and stress.

Hubby complains about this all the time.

I was supposed to pay my Amex card between the 27th and the 1st. Of course the 1st being the last day to pay it before my rewards points get forfeited. And of course I have to wait until the last minute, no sweat. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!

Simple task. Pay before the 1st, right?

10PM, I dialed Amex pay by phone. I still have 2 hours, I thought.

"You've reached American Express. We're sorry but we are updating our system to better serve you. Please try again."

Tried for about an hour or so. No luck.


Not to worry. I can still do online payment.

11:28 PM On line American Express.

"We're sorry, we're doing technical work on our site to improve it. Please log on at a later time"


It is now past 12:30 AM on the 2nd. I lost my rewards points and I am now 1 day late paying the bill. Oh, sure, I can still reinstate the points. ---- for $29.00!!!

How do you kick oneself in the a$$??

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