Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Holy Week??? Holy Molly!!!

Today, somebody from the Philippines text(ed) me. It goes..."Jesus Christ gave his life for us, in this lenten season let us reflect on what our life is all about. Happy Holy Week"


People are so used to saying happy, merry, joyful...whatever... that they just say or write things without having a clue on what it is they are celebrating or in this case, supposedly reflecting/mourning. Next happy is easter - whatever! I bet my a$$ that half of the Christian world do not even why the bunny (with the colored egg) is the symbol for easter. ~pity~

If Jesus died for all our sins, then, we should all go to heaven. No exemptions!
What kind of God would sacrifice his son and let him die for us, his mere creatures, if he could just just zap his wand and say, "all ye people of the world, remove thy reasoning from thy mind and cast thine intelligence away never to return." Then we can all have one god, under one religion, one line of thinking, one code of morality to live by.

The problem with Fairy tale is people believe in it even with all its incredulity and stupidity.


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