Sunday, April 02, 2006

Procrastination is Costly!

I have a strange gift of converting even the simplest task into a chaotic spiderweb which results in apprehension and stress.

Hubby complains about this all the time.

I was supposed to pay my Amex card between the 27th and the 1st. Of course the 1st being the last day to pay it before my rewards points get forfeited. And of course I have to wait until the last minute, no sweat. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!

Simple task. Pay before the 1st, right?

10PM, I dialed Amex pay by phone. I still have 2 hours, I thought.

"You've reached American Express. We're sorry but we are updating our system to better serve you. Please try again."

Tried for about an hour or so. No luck.


Not to worry. I can still do online payment.

11:28 PM On line American Express.

"We're sorry, we're doing technical work on our site to improve it. Please log on at a later time"


It is now past 12:30 AM on the 2nd. I lost my rewards points and I am now 1 day late paying the bill. Oh, sure, I can still reinstate the points. ---- for $29.00!!!

How do you kick oneself in the a$$??


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