Friday, February 24, 2006

My Daily Addiction

I have an addiction to coffee. This helps me tune up my brain everyday. I cannot start my day without my grande-3-shots-non-fat-caramel machiatto. I'd be a wooze all day. Actually, even if I wake up early in the morning, my mind does not function before 10:30 AM. That means whatever you tell me before that time just passes in my left ear and out to my right.

Perfect example...My daughter asked me this morning if I could help with her "something subject" assignment. I must have said "Uhuh, Okay!" because this afternoon when I picked her up, she asked me if I bought the items for her History class. ~sigh~

So that was the "something subject." I don't even remember if she kissed me goodbye. ~another sigh~

It's 2AM and my mind is at its sharpest. As the day wore on my energy level soars. Funny, but...seems to me like the whole world is in a slumber.

Cappucino? Mocha? Latte?

I never refuse. Count me in!


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