Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Thought

I am tolerant and open-minded because I would never propose to completely ban any sort of entertaining or intellectual work that I do not agree with. I have a choice to look at or read about those works if I want to.

I'm also tolerant of other opinions that is vastly different from mine 'cept the ones that condone crimes and promote intense hostility and aversion because of race, color, religion, and sexual preference (gees...I sound like a hiring manager telling a job applicant about affirmative action)

But If it were up to me I wouldn't allow children or anybody younger than 17, to read books or pamphlets that promotes hatred because it would corrupt the young minds and harm them as human beings. Children and minors should be taught right from wrong and should be molded into decent human beings first before we give them a free hand and let them fly off the coop. Arm them with enough thinking power before we let them fight a Pseudo psycho babble war or they'd be like walking zombies ready to embrace evil.


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