Sunday, January 15, 2006


I bought 8 different kinds of perfumes today. Do I have a particular favorite? The fruity ones, I suppose. But do I wear any? No! So why do I buy it? I have asked this question a lot of times. I buy things I do not need only because I want to have them. Does it make me feel different? Special perhaps? Does self-indulgence mean you have that power at that very moment when you can have it just because you want it? Most times, as soon as I get home and after I sampled, sprayed, sniffed and savored the different fragrances, the feeling of excitement over the purchases have waned. In fact, after I put them in my closet or on top of my counter, it gathers dust, together with the many perfumed lotions, body mist sprays, make-ups and colognes-all unused. I am one of the 80% of Americans who buy on impulse. The unrestrained gratification on a whim! What a waste! ~tsk...tsk!~


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