Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Missing San Quentin

Oh fudge! I accidentally deleted my Feb to June journals. I can't believe I did that! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!! KICK ME IN THE BUTT!

It's hot here in the desert. On most afternoons, your energy gets drained and you stop thinking. For the past weeks temperature has reached more than a hundred. The highest was 116F. Whew!

Yesterday, somebody asked me if I liked Las Vegas. I stated mater-of-factly that I did. It is full of life, endless happenings, and unlike the bedroom community I came from, it's bustling with fun and sun. Then she said, "that bad, huh?" We laughed.

But really, I'm beginning to like it here. Ask me in another year, I betcha I'd say the same thing but would act like I really do. Yes, I must admit, I still miss the Bay area. The weather, the greens, the flowers, the rolling hills, the verdant mountains, the Bay, the marinas, the fog, Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Napa and the wine county, in fact - I even miss looking at the San Quentin Prison...oh my, I just sighed!!!

Here's to Las Vegas and the Bay Area. 2 great places to live! Cheers!


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