Saturday, August 13, 2005


I don't remember if I dream every night. Most often after I wake up I forget about it. However, I dream from time to time and when I remember what my dream was the moment I wake up, it's usually because it was either a nightmare or something that would bother me. Ridiculous as it may sound, I go and research on the meaning of my dream, however moronic the meaning may be. I have a problem sleeping. I envy my husband because as soon as he lies down on the bed and before you finish counting to 20, he's already snoring. Since I have a problem sleeping, I have a bigger problem waking up in the morning. Every day, I set the alarm to go off at 8AM. Every morning is a struggle to get up. The alarm goes off, I hit snooze and go back to sleep. The alarm goes off again, I hit snooze and go back to sleep, probably to try to remember my dream but instead have another dream before the alarm goes off again. After I finally wake up, I forget the dream altogether, if there was one.

Every night, though, I often think about dreaming that there is a place where the road keeps going, the moon begins to bow out of the sky and beyond the horizon the sun begins to rise in all its splendor and glory. A lake with crystal clear water mirrors trees teeming with different color leaves, abundant profusion of flowers, atop the beautiful verdant mountains that surrounds and protects the land. That is heaven on earth.

What a rush!


At 4/19/2006 07:13:00 AM, Blogger Maisha said...

i feel exactly the same way and dreams that i remember are usually the ones that would bother me.i felt like i was readig something i wrote...

At 4/19/2006 04:58:00 PM, Blogger Neurotic said...

It's nice to know am not alone in having bad dreams and nightmares...hehe!


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