Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In awe with faith

My sister in law, Len, is on her deathbed. Her body is ravaged by cancer, her organs are rapidly shutting down. Yet it amazes me to see that her Catholic faith is undaunted even in the precipice of death. What amazes me more is her robust belief that she is going to be reborn in the afterlife. She is sure that there is a spot for her in heaven. How can a person be so sure of something that is considered just a thought?

I regard with admiration, people with undying faith in a god, however different the religion might be, as each of us have different concept based on what we believe. In love, in death and in danger, you draw your inner strength and energy with faith in a god. The belief that God will give you eternal life after death is a faith that overcomes the adversities of mortality.

Somewhere between 27 and 35, I must have missed the boat. Since then, I refused to get on. My Catholic faith could not sustain my faith in God. The questions were innumerable, immeasurable. It was THAT faith that escaped my being. Oh, don't get me wrong. I still have faith in the power of love and the inherent nature and the goodness of men. I just don't believe in god anymore.

However, faith - in people, in oneself, even in a personal god, no matter what religion, as long as it helps get them through their days, is as right as rain. That much is certain!

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