Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jihad Over Cartoons No Less!!

CNN News
Muslim anger on cartoons spreads
No apology over Mohammad images, says Denmark
Friday, Februay 3, 2006; Posted: 1:33 p.m. (18:33GMT)

PARIS, France (Reuters) -- Denmark said on Friday it could not apologize for cartoons in a Danish newspaper depicting the Prophet Mohammad as outrage spread across the Muslim world from the Middle East to countries in Asia.

More European newspapers published the cartoons on Friday, arguing freedom of speech was sacred, but angry Muslims staged violent protests against jokes they consider blasphemous.
Depicting the picture of the prophet is prohibited under Sharia law.

----------------------cut for brevity---------------------------------

CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam. ~WHAT A PUTZ!!!!~

But here it is:

After much thoughtful introspection, here is my two cents:

I’ve been following this story like a lot of people and have read opinions on both sides of the discussion. On the one hand you have those that say that publishing the cartoons is wrong because it offends the Muslims. On the other hand you have those who say that it’s called freedom of speech. To the Muslims, a perceived attack on their faith is tantamount to physical harm on someone. So the Muslims express dissatisfaction over what they term as disgustingly objectionable to their religion, a grave insult to Mohammad, and a noxious waste that poison their beliefs...through violence, kidnapping, killing and mayhem…ergo…jihad. See the outrage of muslims:

It’s all but normal if one finds the cartoons offensive so they write protest letters, boycott, or hold a rally, but quite another to threaten and kill because one doesn’t fit their pedagogical dogma. I won’t be surprised if the cartoonists whose work ignited the flames and set off the fury of the Islamafascists go into hiding. Heck, they probably have a bounty on their heads. A fatwa of death! Why can’t they just launch a newspaper competition for the best Holocaust cartoons, or the best Christian mockery theme just to get even.

Pray, tell! Do they honestly believe that if they do Allah's bidding and bomb all infidels, they would go to heaven and have 16 (do I have the right count???) virgins each? ~Sonamagan~

A blog from Mere regarding the legitimization of violence is an eye opener as to (one of) PROBABLE CAUSE why there is Islam violence. The fact of the matter is, quote, "the violence committed in the name of Islam over the centuries still pales in comparison to the crimes carried out in the name of Christianity. The fact remains that the Bible is the only scripture that contains a God-approved act of suicide in order to kill enemy civilians (Judges 16:26-30). The true irony in all of this is that the misguided Muslims who have committed horrible acts of violence in the name of Islam in recent years are following a modern Western influenced re-interpretation of Islam which took form during the late colonial period (i.e. after Christian powers invaded Muslim countries and started to exploit them). This undeniable fact has been documented in a number of books and articles, by Muslims and non-Muslims alike." unquote.

Check your history!

In conclusion, if the West stand up for its beliefs, customs and mores, including freedom of speech, the Muslims should not impose their way of life on the West. The Muslims also publish cartoons that are far more offensive. So what's the bickering all about? Islamic Imperialism? Christian Supremacy?

Stupidity, what else! Religion is so fucked up!!!

A lack of education combined with a fuck up fanatical religion is like giving a loaded gun to a child. Bang! Bang!


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