Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Ruins Your Day?

What ruins my day when I go to the office:

* Stupid drivers swerving left and right like a drunken a$$.
* Smoke belching vehicles in front of your car.
* Traffic and rubber neckers.
* People who greet you in the morning and ask, "hi, how are you?" but never even caring to hear the answer.
* People who gossip about other people all within your earshot.
* People shoving and pushing one another even when the elevator is already packed.
* People who ask you the same question 3 or 4 times within an hour. Might as well write and hang the darn answer on your neck so you won't be bothered.
* Secretaries or receptionists who can't type, file and answer the phone properly. Believe me! They exist!

If that wasn't bad enough try sitting beside someone who seemed to perpetually talk on the phone, with a screeching high pitch voice you cannot tolerate, complaining non stop, and zeroing in on the problem instead of the solution...WHILE you are concentrating on auditing a file!!!! ~grrr $#%!~


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