Monday, November 05, 2007

Inching My Way...

I received a nice comment from someone who shared about his awakening. He also has kids that believe in god but didn't tell them that their god is false. Instead, he is allowing them to discover and to learn on their own. I was like him for a while. I did not tell my kids that their god is nothing but a myth. I wanted them to find that out for themselves. But alas! The eldest of my girls became a born again Christian and she was twice the pain in the a$$ the second time around. I didn't want to embarass her because she married a man who was also a Christian and belong to a congregation of Filipino-American Christian community where his parents are "supposedly" officers of this church. For the longest time, I condescended to their moronic level because I did not want to embarass her. Imagine the lone Atheist in a roomful of Christians, with my daughter & son in law at the head table. Tsk...tsk I suppose I made a mistake. I should have knocked some sense into her.

I am now more open with my younger child. She has taken a passion to reading more books that deal with science and reasoning and had begun to ask questions about the reality of a god. Last month she did a term paper for her Philosophy class entitled, "What Happens to Us When We Die?" I read it and her conclusion was, death is permanent. That's a start! I am more open to her in regard to my being an Atheist. I now believe that Atheists should come out of the closet and speak more about the subject because if we don't, we would have a hand in contributing to a seemingly unending generation of brainwashed idiots.

Here is the comment from Hungrykong:

Honestly, my awakening began when I started to read articles about atheism. Science indirectly contradicting the existence of a supernatural being and the scandals brought by the various sectors of the catholic order compounded the situation. It was difficult for me to accept the fact that there is another side to consider. It haunted me at night to the brink of madness knowing that I am one of those who actually fell off the wagon on a path to salvation. Now it's not just a question of faith but if a god really exist. Who am I kidding? Everyone with a positive frame of mind should understand that all these are just illusions created by man to accomplish his ulterior motives and keeping man in place by injecting fear like, "Burn in the eternal fires of hell". What bothered me the most is the fact that the so called god has a hand in every detail. For instance, If something good occurred, "God willed it". If there's a catastrophe, "God is testing us". If somebody gave us a second chance, "God moves in mysterious ways". Come to think of it, if there is a god then he must be a sadist considering all the tests he's giving us. I'm a husband and a father of two intelligent kids. They firmly believed in the existence of god. I don't want to be the one to tell them that what they learned about divinity are false and pretentious. I made my choice and I want them to make their own. In fact, I don't want anybody to use me as an excuse to defy whatever they believe. I want them to find the truth as they go through the process of natural reasoning. Just like you, I was born, raised, and practiced as a roman catholic....but hey... I grew up! Thanx 'tol

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