Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Ruins Your Day?

What ruins my day when I go to the office:

* Stupid drivers swerving left and right like a drunken a$$.
* Smoke belching vehicles in front of your car.
* Traffic and rubber neckers.
* People who greet you in the morning and ask, "hi, how are you?" but never even caring to hear the answer.
* People who gossip about other people all within your earshot.
* People shoving and pushing one another even when the elevator is already packed.
* People who ask you the same question 3 or 4 times within an hour. Might as well write and hang the darn answer on your neck so you won't be bothered.
* Secretaries or receptionists who can't type, file and answer the phone properly. Believe me! They exist!

If that wasn't bad enough try sitting beside someone who seemed to perpetually talk on the phone, with a screeching high pitch voice you cannot tolerate, complaining non stop, and zeroing in on the problem instead of the solution...WHILE you are concentrating on auditing a file!!!! ~grrr $#%!~

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Power is an Aphrodisiac

I attended an exclusive & a lavish party at the Lure Club, Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas last night. It was a victory party for Pacquiao, the winning boxer who beat Morales for the super featherweight title of the world, which was given by Miguel Arroyo. Moet 1996 champagnes that cost $200 ($140 retail) a bottle were served non stop. I even saw Dom Perignon (that was a shocking $400 a bottle) served in other tables, too. I was aghast when somebody told me that the tab is paid by the "blood of poor Filipinos." Imagine that! Whether true or hearsay, the taste just leaves a bitter remnant in your mouth. I declined a second serving. I asked my husband to buy me a Merlot instead...and pay for it. I am not a moralist. I was just there to have a good time, to relax, to observe. I was there to root for Pacquiao. Even a poor, uneducated man can follow his dream if he works hard to realize it.

Loud music, non stop chatter and laughter filled the room. Everyone either danced, gyrated, or just moved up and down to the sound of hiphop, rap, reggae, revival disco & pop blasting from all over the small but packed, smoke filled room. Oh yeah...I did get to mingle and wander around, hopping from one group to the other, listening to boring conversations, looking at inebriated people acting stupid, meeting well known politicians, their relatives and even their bodyguards, some has been actors, movie and TV writers, other upcoming boxers, jackasses and jillbitches. There was a time when it did get tedious but I hang(ed) on because my husband was still creating bird dogs from the lower tiers and hoping to generate businesses from the moneyed ones.

Miguel Arroyo, the husband of Philippine President Gloria Arroyo, was all over the place. He was a tall, pudgy man that squeaks like a mouse when he talks. His greasy hair that looked more like a toupee spread flat on his head and his rimmed glasses made his face rounder. He danced and flirted with young women dressed like prostitutes. Boy oh boy! You should see how these women acted around him...foolish, cockeyed, sappy! But he was very accommodating, in fact, more like stringing along-if you know what I mean. eiiaachh! It's probably why they're all over him. He allowed it, he enjoyed it. Never mind if he looked as farcical like the rest! With all the cameramen, the TV crews & the reporters around, nobody dared take a video or a even a snapshot of him fooling around. Bejesus!!!

It amazes me when I look at powerful people making a fool of themselves. It makes you wonder why and how, "so much power in their hands and yet most of them could not make a difference in this world." It's pathetic to see these young women throwing themselves at his feet. “Power is indeed an aphrodisiac.”

Tonight provided an interesting glimpse of a world I surely would not want to be a part of.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I bought 8 different kinds of perfumes today. Do I have a particular favorite? The fruity ones, I suppose. But do I wear any? No! So why do I buy it? I have asked this question a lot of times. I buy things I do not need only because I want to have them. Does it make me feel different? Special perhaps? Does self-indulgence mean you have that power at that very moment when you can have it just because you want it? Most times, as soon as I get home and after I sampled, sprayed, sniffed and savored the different fragrances, the feeling of excitement over the purchases have waned. In fact, after I put them in my closet or on top of my counter, it gathers dust, together with the many perfumed lotions, body mist sprays, make-ups and colognes-all unused. I am one of the 80% of Americans who buy on impulse. The unrestrained gratification on a whim! What a waste! ~tsk...tsk!~

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