Monday, February 23, 2009

Sex and Religion in Manila

Explore: Sex and Religion in Manila.

The Philippines is one of two countries in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region with Roman Catholic majorities. About 90% of Filipinos identify themselves as Christians (Christian denominations and spin-offs included). Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is the 11th most populous metropolitan area in the world.

In a devoutly Catholic country, There is a move to introduce a reproductive health bill aiming to get everyone free access to contraception especially targeting the poor. According to the authors of this bill, this is the next best thing to control population explosion resulting in widespread poverty and government corruption. However, the Catholic Church (including the fanatics) fear(s) that a breakdown in Filipino family values will be imminent if a bill such as this passes. They have been resisting the move and have been fighting tooth and nail against this.

They say that population grows fastest in the world's poorest countries. Because of overpopulation, there would most likely be a lack of basic needs. The lack of adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, and education are basic needs of people. When a Country could not meet these needs it results in physical weakness and poor health which decreases ones ability to work and ultimately put people deeper into poverty. Poverty is a condition of chronic deprivation and reduces human beings to a low level of existence. This cycle will go on and on until corrected.

While this may not be the ultimate solution to alleviate poverty (or the many problems besieging the country), controlling population explosion may be a first step in combating poverty.

BTW, See this video and catch a glimpse of some bigotry and prejudice, religious hypocrisy and stupidity in the mindset of some as a result of strict Catholic teachings.






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