Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Beautiful Tug in My Heart

....the Autumn Leaves...

The season is abruptly changing as Summer clings tightly to its end. The green leaves of summer is slowly changing and clinging on to life. Soon...the air would be quiet...serene. Soon we will breathe the crisp air. We sense the beginning of fall.

All is fresh. The wind stirs the leaves and then comes the rustling of dying leaves...falling and creating a sound that sings and touches the heart. Like a crescendo building up to the hilt. Once again the burst of colors and vibrant hues surround us. A palette of wonderful orange, brown, red, yellow, purple and green. The wind begins to shake the branches. The leaves glide away with the wind, others dance to a perfect sonata while the rest plummet to the earth and rest peacefully on the ground. I am always in awe of this change. A beautiful tug in my heart....


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