Monday, July 25, 2005


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Ambivalent is the word that describes me today. The continuous contradiction of feelings, ideas, perceptions, observations, concepts, notions, thoughts that spawns in the monstrous vortex within the mind is both exhilarating and painful, more like bordering in pathos. Ever wonder why we marvel at human frailty? It is a contradiction by itself.

...and noooooooo!!! I don't need a blowjob!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Rules of Syntax and Branch of Parallelism

I was watching the Discovery Channel today.

It talked about how life started on earth. It is still a question that torments scientists today. Theories and hypothesis abound how life started.

Now this is what went through my mind in a fast spin.

Some scientists say the evolution of life may be attributed to:

Scientific mumbo jumbo about large genetic molecules, gasses, splitting atoms, amino acids, DNA, RNA, crystalized something...

I was raised a Catholic and went to a Catholic school so I was taught that God created man in his own image and likeness. In fact ALL religions teach about the existence of a superior being, an omnipotent presence, unseen force, supreme authority, or God, who created the universe and everything around it. Whenever I ask about the conflict of religion and science, the answer I got everytime was "science and evolution are a form of God’s mysterious ways."

Remember Darwin's theory of evolution? Called by Christians as Darwin's myth, this theory is not acceptable by the Theists. (I bite my tongue everytime!!!)

Theists believe a supreme being just zapping a man and woman and then telling them to go and multiply. Simple and uncomplicated, however, stupid!

A condensation of unending scientific articles about the evolution of life, an adult's confusing understanding of molecules, gasses, amino acids and atomic blahs, and the naivette of children assimilating scientific theories, leads me to believe why most people prefer the simplest and uncomplicated version of how life on earth started. The simple fairy tale story of the 6-day Creation by God of all life on earth is easier to understand and accept. Or scientists may be wrong about the earth's age. Could it be that the earth is just 6,000 years old? Yeah...right

Maybe...the theists should really study the rules of syntax or explore more the branch of parallelism between science and religion.

They might hit it right...

and discover they're way off...

that the rules of syntax is interpreted differently and thus, the word of god is actually a collaboration of authors who wrote fictional novels based upon previous works of other authors...

and that the branch of parallelism between science and religion forks to a different path...never to meet again.

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