Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Winter Depression

I wanted to start going back to the gym but I just don't have the energy to even go out of the house. I think boredom just settled in and for a long time even though it bothered me to no end, I didn't do anything to make something out of my life. Working at home had been a hazard to my sense of self worth. My work puts me on the computer 10 or so plus a day and my interaction with a person on the outside world is through emails or by phone.

It was my choice because I wanted to be at home when my daughters come home after school. Now that my youngest is already driving and she no longer needs me to drive her around, I don't know how or where exactly to begin.

The only time I get fulfilled is when I am away on a business or pleasure trip...away from home. But right now, I am stuck here in the desert.

The crux of the problem is my life has been completely devoid of adventure and spontaneity. Hubby is of no help. If I even bring up a topic that hits a nerve in his psyche he'd just wallow on his own grief and inadequacies.

I am having winter depression and it's not even winter. Drats!
I miss playing volleyball!

Monday, August 21, 2006

...Ergo...Life is Pointless

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If God has a plan for all of us, why do we even worry about the future? Am I to assume that no matter what I do, inevitably, fate will always take charge? So now...and this kinda' confuses me no end...if God gave us free will but no matter what we do and what we think and how we do it or how we choose it, God had already planned our lives. So what's the use? Life, then, becomes pointless.

In the same token, Judas didn't have a choice. He was predestined to betray Jesus. This was the card he was dealt with.

"We are so much at the mercy of chance that Chance is our god."
Pliny the Elder

Monday, August 14, 2006

Written Like A Fairy Tale...

Overall, the bible to me, is a fairy tale and should not be taken seriously.

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I wonder if they have a video about how repulsive the Koran is?

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Prayer is free. Theists think it's a great picker upper.


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Monday, August 07, 2006

You'll Never Get to Heaven.....No Sireeee!!!!

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The Theists say that heaven is paradise. A place where there is no sadness or misery, but only happiness and everlasting life. How can one perceive the wonderful feeling of happiness if one has forgotten the bitter pill of the pangs of misery? Always take the good with the bad...

I am alive, I choose today...the now! I refuse to live the now in fear of punishment in the afterlife. Death is permanent.

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