Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Winter Depression

I wanted to start going back to the gym but I just don't have the energy to even go out of the house. I think boredom just settled in and for a long time even though it bothered me to no end, I didn't do anything to make something out of my life. Working at home had been a hazard to my sense of self worth. My work puts me on the computer 10 or so plus a day and my interaction with a person on the outside world is through emails or by phone.

It was my choice because I wanted to be at home when my daughters come home after school. Now that my youngest is already driving and she no longer needs me to drive her around, I don't know how or where exactly to begin.

The only time I get fulfilled is when I am away on a business or pleasure trip...away from home. But right now, I am stuck here in the desert.

The crux of the problem is my life has been completely devoid of adventure and spontaneity. Hubby is of no help. If I even bring up a topic that hits a nerve in his psyche he'd just wallow on his own grief and inadequacies.

I am having winter depression and it's not even winter. Drats!
I miss playing volleyball!


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