Friday, July 07, 2006

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

My daughter, Chris, got her Driver's License today. I should be happy because from now on I won't be a chauffer. She can go to school without waking her papa at 6:50AM and I would be able to do my work without interruptions at 2PM to pick her up. However, I feel a bit sad because I would miss the, "Mom, will you please drive me to....."

Since she is a bit more independent with that license, I will be going back to field work. I opted to work at home ever since she was a toddler because I wanted to make sure I personally attend to her needs and I wanted to be there when she gets home from school. I must admit, I was lucky because I did have that option. With Jan, my eldest, I could not do that. She was already 13 when that option became available. Thanks to my husband because he was my extension out in the fields.

Anyway, it might probably take a while for me to get out in the field again. It's so hard to get out of your comfort zone. However, I give myself 10 years to be able to retire comfortably. So I better map out my life...starting now!


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