Monday, March 27, 2006

A Nasty Infection

Christine got sick with abscess cellulites, more commonly known as an infection. But a very nasty one! When I picked her up from school Friday she wasn’t feeling well. As soon as we got home she hit the sack, never touched dinner and her fever never went below 102.

Not Good!

Last Night we went to the emergency room because the left side of her cheek was swollen like an overly riped tomato. Touch it and she screams her head off!

At the hospital, she endured the prick of the needle and the IV drip for the first time. But she bawled when the nurse drew blood...6 times! The doc recommended CT scan to make sure her infection has not affected her bloodstream yet. More tests...

Good news - doc said the cellulitis in not contagious, explained that this infection begins in an area of broken skin, like a cut or scratch, allowing bacteria to invade and spread, causing inflammation, which includes pain, swelling, warmth, and redness. Hers started with a small pimple on the left side of her cheek! 3 AM, she got the go signal to go home.

Verdict...Antibiotic-Amoxicillin 1000 mg with food every 12 hours, Motrin for her pain and fever, hot compress for her cheek every 6 hours...

...doc's orders becomes mommy's schedule for the next 7 days.

Today she’s feeling better. She gave me a perfunctory smile when I told her she looked like Joker from the Batman movies.

Why...oh why...of all places would the germs and the antibodies form a battle ground on her left cheek? She does look like Joker! Really! ~scratching head~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"Kitten Killer" Wanted - DEAD & skinned alive!!!

This really makes me f*@#ing mad. I hope this woman die a horrible death!

If it is in my power, I will personally put her in hell, then I will skin her alive and veeeerrry slowly burn her to a crisp!!!! I would not want to wish a horrible, terrible, insufferable death even with my enemies but this woman deserves an unbearable, a very slow and very painful death. How could someone be so cruel?

I saw this gruesome video on line today. This so called "high heeled kitten killer" is the epitome of human perversion. The video shows a Chinese-looking woman standing alongside a river and caressing a kitten that she holds in her hands. But soon you'll see a macabre scene as she places the kitten on the walkway and slowly proceeds to stomp it with the sharp point of her stiletto heels. One of the last images shows her driving her spiked heel into the cat’s eye, and blood (and brain and eye) spouting out. Please take heed!! (viewer discretion is highly recommended - this is not for the faint of heart) My heart kept skipping 5 beats with rage, I vomitted at the end! I almost didn't want to see it after the first minute but I froze in horror! Then I felt seething anger with this b****. RAGE!!!!

This woman is abominable, deplorable, disgusting, perverted, loathsome, nauseating, obnoxious, repulsive, revolting, sickening, evil, foul, heinous, odious, vile and atrocious!!!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Gorton's Family Whale Killing Business

From Become an Ocean Defender website:

For 70 years, the Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. company of Japan—also known as Nissui—has been involved with the large scale commercial hunting of great whales, which continues today despite the international ban on commercial whaling. In 2001, Nissui, through its US subsidiary Nippon Suisan USA, purchased seafood giant Gorton’s, Inc. of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Gorton’s is the leading retail distributor of frozen fish products in the US, generating approximately $200 million in annual revenue—the most lucrative of all of Nissui’s overseas business segments.

Overexploit, cheat, deplete. The cycle of greed behind the global whaling industry drove one whale population after another toward oblivion. It is still not known if some species will ever recover, even after decades of protection.

The statistics say it all. The blue whales of the Antarctic are at less than 1 percent of their original abundance, despite 40 years of complete protection. Some populations of whales are recovering but some are not. Only one population, the East Pacific grey whale, is thought to have recovered to its original abundance, but the closely related West Pacific grey whale population is the most endangered in the world. It hovers on the edge of extinction with just over 100 remaining.

Become an Ocean Defender.

Friday, March 03, 2006

His ipod Rocks

I am not ganging up on Pope BXVI just because this is the 2nd post I did 'bout him getting all those expensive stuff but I've just read that he has a new toy this time. A group of Vatican Radio employees gave ze pope his very own brand new 2-gig digital audio iPod nano loaded with special Vatican Radio programming and classical music. The stainless steel back was engraved with the words "To His Holiness, Benedict XVI" in Italian.

The playlist is loaded with Italian and German and musical compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky and Igor Stravinsky. He will be able to listen to a special 20-minute feature produced by the radio's English program that highlights Mozart's life and music, an English-language radio drama on the life of St. Thomas Becket and a 10-minute feature on the creation of Vatican Radio, with original sound clips of the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi, and Vatican Radio's founder, Pope Pius XI. On the player, the radio's German program included a mix of news and interviews done during the death of Pope JPII, the conclave and the election of Pope Benedict so he can relive the historical papal transition of April 2005.

I'm sure BXVI will easily get the hang of the device's trademark click wheel in a cinch.

This is not Christ's way as was said in the bible. But hey, we are all hypocritical Catholics, anyway. Can he take it a notch higher? You betcha!

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