Thursday, July 26, 2007

They Can't Take A Joke

I am so sick and tired of friends and relatives emailing me with religious chain letters. These people were friends I grew up with, and relatives that belong to the same faith, ergo, Catholic or Christian nuts et al.

On most days, I usually delete it. However, today was unusual because it filled my inbox. Some knew I am an Atheist, some think that I am just a lost soul and they should save me and bring me back to the Christian faith. My husband said that I should re-introduce myself again. I am not bothered coming out and saying that I am an Atheist. I think it's almost always the other way around. Christians are seriously bothered by the growing number of Atheists coming out of the closet. Since their beliefs are so different from us, some Christians become hostile.

I sent them this, a favorite video of mine:

10 replies came in less than 2 hours. My favorite is:

"You are such a bitch. Why do you email us your filth? God will surely punish you for this."

~At least now I think they get it~


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