Friday, January 26, 2007

I am the Bigger Fool

My eldest daughter is a Christian (non denomination when I asked her what branch). Her husband introduced her to that religion. Actually, she does not want to be called religious. She wants to be called spiritual which to me is one cockamamy bullshit. She does not try to convert me, nor talk to me about her belief. Heck, with 15 years of Catholic School and bible studies and cathechism, she wouldn't dare! All she could ask was, what happened?

She is surrounded by so called Christian friends. Her husband's family are also in the same congregation, and although not Chinese, they fervently believe in the art of "feng Shui!" They even hired a $250 per hour Feng Shui expert to do some kind of reading for their house. Now go figure!!!!

Because I fear that I might alienate my daughter and son in law by taking that extreme position of godlessness, I kept my mouth shut.

Yesterday, I was at her baby shower party held at her mother-in-law's house somewhere in San Ramon. It shouldn't have been a problem with me being in a place where everybody goes to the same Christian church. And it certainly wasn't a big deal to me when they prayed 4 times that night just to thank the food and the company. I went to one of the rooms and just read my book. But after their long and tedious prayer, one of the guests asked why I stayed in the room. I said, "I am what you might say, the one they would burn at the stakes." I think I must have succeeded in alienating one of them.

Before the night ended, one of her pastors approached me. He was making small talk, and although I got bored with his babbling, I pretended to be interested. ~barf~

In the middle of the conversation, he asked me what faith I belong to. I almost...
a l m o s t...told him I am an Atehist and I like screwing with Christian heads in the evening. I bit my tongue so hard it must have bled. I looked at him in a way that made him feel uncomfortable. He did not ask again.


Sometimes, I think that I am giving way too much an edge about my daughter's feelings. It really makes you wonder why the Atheist has the bigger understanding of the issue...(or in all its stupidity, the bigger fool!!!).


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