Saturday, November 20, 2004

What makes you stronger?

When I was younger, I kept looking for something to fill a void in my soul. Somehow, that void is usually an imaginary feeling perceived by my lack of sense of well being. Whatever it was that changed my perception in life must have happened between being 20 thinking like 40 and being 40 but pining to be 20. I got bored being young, I rushed to grow up. I tried to plan for my future, but forgot about the present, so I lived in neither the present nor the future. I got distressed and agitated for something impending or anticipated, events that has yet to happen. Worry wore me down and scraped my bottom. When I turned 33, I stopped beating myself after a minor faux pas and refused to sweat the small stuff. Also, the hopeless romantic in me has exchanged her rose-tinted glasses for a grey-colored one. It took some getting used to. I've managed! ~heart bleeding~

The cliche "Happiness is a state of mind," is true. You just have to acknowledge the fact that accepting things as they are makes you happier and that desperately wishing for something that would never materialize is foolish.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


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